Advancement in Home Security Systems

Then to Now
alarm systemFrom the beginning people have always wanted to protect their family and their home, everyone has always had some type of security system in place. Whether it was the old fashioned booby traps with cans tied to a string hooked to the front door or just simply having a few dogs to let you know when someone is in your yard. Now days people still have dogs for security systems but modern security systems college station more and more take place in their homes to keep them and their loved ones safe.

Back in the 80’s alarm systems were popular however, most of them weren’t linked up to the actual police and fire stations they were just set up in your house to show that you have an alarm system and no one would mess with your house. When you left your house you could just set your alarm and if anyone decided they wanted to break into your house they would still set off the alarm and it would sound although, it wouldn’t call the police or fire station it would have probably scared someone and they would run out.

The 90’s and the 2000’s with the turn of technology gave an opportunity for alarm companies a chance for advancement and to be able to give people better security systems in their home and a better sense of protection. The early security systems were ran on the actual landline of your home and there were big bulky boxes mounted on the walls of your home, if you hired a security company to come and install a system in your home they would require you to have it online at all times so that they system can be updated as needed. There was only one code for the alarm system that everyone needed to know so they could get inside the house when they arrived home.

policeWhen the security companies required that you carry a designated line for your security system it would automatically phone the police and or fire stations on emergencies and if you accidentally set the alarm off over several times the police and fire stations will start charging you a fee to be dispatched out to your house in the event of a false alarm.